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Germany shows that even in Europe, ethics is the discourse of gold

marzo 1, 2008

01 March 2008

By Osvaldo Bayer

From Bonn, Germany

Gold destroys rather than gunpowder. Germans are depressed. In the country considered the most organized of capitalism and where ethics seemed to maintain his principles, there have been successive corruption cases incredible.

The Zumwinkel case “left the entire system at its absolute nudity. The director of Postal Services in Germany, a kind of minister of Communications, showed that the money for him was his highest calling.

He businesses millions of euros and deposited in Liechtenstein, the small European state that plays the same role in Europe that the Cayman Islands in America. What is gained in black and white is deposited there and we should not give any explanation and not paying any tax.

Of course, greedy for money is believed todopoderosos. But there is always someone from their ranks that betrays or complaint for money, of course.

This is what happened in the case Zumwinkel. An employee of one of the banks in Liechtenstein, or even a member of the board of directors, spent in the service of German research a CD containing the names of depositors anonymous millionaires. But to deliver this disc demanded over four million euros, and which have never been instructed to publicize his name.

After much discussion among those responsible, it agreed to pay that money. The putrid pot erupted and dirtying the whole system. Present, the German general prosecutor’s office has begun investigating 700 wealthy businessmen. More than 3400 million euros had been deposited in Liechtenstein ignoring the duty tax.

The reaction of society was shocked and embarrassed. It has been stretched to the limit. The system began to tremble. And the question arose: Is it impossible to curb the thirst for wealth of the rich? Wealth means, of course, more power.And more power to a minority means less democracy for all.

After the crime of the highest official Zumwinkel which was preceded by a series of startling cases of corruption in big companies such as Siemens and Volkswagen, never entirely enmudecida horn sounded high ethics.

This can not continue. Said very clearly economist Heribert Prantl in the publisher of the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, listing immorality prevailing in recent times.


“Everything has been going on as a string of disaster: there are managers frivolous with their salaries, supervisory councils do not supervise anything, state banks that do not care about anything more in the good of the community, principals which care far more his own actions that problems of their dependents.

Given the combination of all these syndromes forgets the public ethical differences. No longer distinguish between the most cunning, greedy and dangerous, speculators and the infidels, those who do not pay taxes and those who defraud with taxes, only exaggerated, obsessed working, and indeed immoral criminals. The picture is taken at the conclusion of Schrepps, Zumwinkel and Hartz (three senior players in the past employers negotiated criminal) form together to form the image of the outrageous. “

And later warned:

“The Zumwinkel case as shown so far is an example of the erosion of conscience rules that should govern the economy. This case is so exemplary when the scandal donations to political parties.

And then quite rightly criticizes the State amnesties granted from time to time to those who send their money abroad to avoid paying taxes, as long as they bring it back to the country.

This punishes those who comply with the law and pay religiously year after year it won honestly. Worth the sentence: sins, totally regret after you and you will be forgiven and go to heaven together.

It is sad to see that the State makes the cut sinners to return to the fold.

And goes on to say the daily of more circulation over Germany, these astonishing sentences of pure honest indignation:

“We are writing a lot about the division of society: the gap between rich and poor is increasingly open. But what is not said is that this gap is growing between rich and wealthy. Both gaps, both differences threaten domestic peace. “

And it ends with these words that say it all:

“Behind all the indignation among critics just and the unjust politicians and business executives, primarily hides a yearning: the dream of archetypal models and values, to be able to hold onto something ethical. The Zumwinkel case is an insult against that desire. Internal security is not only saves with paragraphs laws, more police and criminal punishments. Interior justice is the result of a basic trust in people who lead a country. Basic That confidence is destroyed by all those who behave like the mighty Zumwinkel.

We transcribe because it is very clear. And it is a daily “bourgeois” and not the speech of a revolutionary. It is that they realise that this can not continue, capitalism erupts increasingly, and to maintain calm in society must at least try to behave well and abide by the laws already very generous for those who aspire to have more and not sharing.

It is that while these are discovered stabbed in the back to those who work with them and that they are automatically deducted taxes and are not going to spend their vacation pay to Liechtenstein, the paradise of fraud law, have occurred in recent days news make it clear that the cruelty of this system of so-called “market economy” or social capitalism.

In this week factory luxury cars BMW unveiled the resolution will fail to 8100 unemployed workers and employees. Despite achieving an annual profit during the last years of 3700 million euros, according to official data.

The big consumer products company Henkel announced that over the next three years will fail to 3000 employees and unemployed workers, despite a declared profit of 921 million in 2007. The measure was taken to “reduce” production.

For its part, Siemens last Tuesday gave publicity to the decision to fire to 5000 workers because it has abandoned further in the manufacture of telephone equipment because of technological errors. It’s that simple. Everything will be solved by cutting the thinnest.

If there are savings to resort to redundancies, not to reduce the very high salaries of its executives, or by reducing the profits of its owners and shareholders. No, it beats a kick to the worker, a soft kick, of course with compensation, of course. But it is not the case that they pull the tacha garbage. Regulation should be the beginning and not the human gain.

We have recently seen the tears and the anger of workers who become unemployed at the factory handys Nokia. Because it is not the case that compliance with “the law” but also take into consideration each of these lives which again are forced to go to beat the doors and live alms of the State and as unoccupied.

The other question is: Why Europe allows the “oasis” Liechtenstein and other “islands” similar to deposit funds and escape taxes and does not require completion by end with the centres of selfishness and betrayal of laws across the continent?

Why United States allows the “freedoms” similar (only for the affluent in black money) in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere? Is not the freedom to criminals?

It is therefore against any norm of international legislation? But of course, bombing Iraq and Afghanistan took for “political” reasons.

And we will end with the words of Robert von Heuzinger, the publisher of the Frankfurter Rundschau.

It says clearly:

“No scriptwriter film could tell a story better than German reality. A democracy admired for its stability and prosperity has been devastated by neoliberalism that threatens to explode the social consensus. “

Gold destroys rather than gunpowder.

Source: Pagina/12

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The JAIMITO’s writing

octubre 11, 2007

The teacher of a primary school commanded to her shining students who wrote a writing, where were treated the following subjects:

Subject 1. Monarchy
Subject 2. Sex
Subject 3. Religion
Subject 4. Mystery

The one that finished first, could leave the school before and return to his house.

Spent few seconds, Jaimito raises the hand and says that he finished.

The teacher, without being able to believe it, requests him to read his writing.

He rises and says:

“They fuck the Queen by the ass. My God! Who will have done it?” )

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10 Things to Remember When Confronted By The Police

septiembre 23, 2007


10 Reglas para Recordar si te ves confrontado con la Policia

If you have a confrontation with the police – know your rights and know what you should or should not do to give them up. Just follow these 10 rules:

1. Don’t Talk

Do not say a word to the officer. Just shut up! I cannot stress to you the importance of this rule. Do not talk! Do not attempt to convince the officer of your innocence. Everyone is innocent, no one should be arrested and no one should be in jail and that is all the officer hears all day every day. He / she does not care generally whether you are innocent or guilty and there is nothing that he / she can do at this point. Most times, when people speak to officers they say something that makes their situation far worse. Keep your mouth shut, there will be plenty of time to talk later.

2. Don’t Run

I said above to listen to the officer and follow his / her instructions. Do not be scared and do not let the liquid courage, aka alcohol, convince you that you can outrun the twelve officers and helicopter that will track you down. Also, police become highly suspicious that someone running has a weapon and may be quick to draw their weapon. Additionally, when they do run you down expect much stronger force used to subdue a fleeing suspect.

3. Never Resist Arrest

Perhaps the most important thing not to do is touch the police officer at all! Again, sober up quick and follow what the officer says. Many people attempt to bump the officer or swat an officers hands away. This often falls under the assault statutes and now a minor misdemeanor arrest becomes a FELONY. Thus a reckless driving charge leads to a year or more in state prison. Additionally, touching the officer in any way can lead to a baton in the mouth.

4. Don’t Believe the Police

It is perfectly legal for the police to lie to get you to make an admission. The police frequently separate two friends and tell one the other one ratted him / her out. Because of the lie, the other friend now rats the first friend out. Police and detectives also state that “it will be easier” to talk now… LIES!!! DON’T BELIEVE THIS BS! It will only be easier for the police to prove their case!

5. No Searching

Do not allow the police to search anywhere! If the police officer asks, they do not have the right to search and must have your consent. If you are asked make sure you proclaim to any witnesses that “You (the police) do not have consent to search.” If they perform the search anyway, that evidence may be thrown out later. Also, if you consent to a search, the officers may find something that you had no idea you had placed somewhere, ie: marijuana left by a friend. Remember, that denying the police consent to search DOES NOT give them the probable cause they would need to conduct a search.

6. Don’t Look at Places Where You Don’t Want Police to Search

Police are trained to watch you and react to you. They know that you are nervous and scared and many people look to the areas that they don’t want the police to search. Do not react to the search and do not answer any questions. LOOK DOWN AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!

7. Do Not Talk Shit to the Police

I don’t care if you have been wrongly arrested and the true culprit is standing in front of you. Don’t talk shit! Police hear all day that my dad is the the Governor’s Assistant’s Intern and I will have your badge for this! Police have a lot of discretion in the upcoming charges brought. Police can add charges, change a misdemeanor to a felony, or even talk to the prosecutor that is ultimately prosecuting you.

8. If Police Come to Your Home, Do not Let Them In and Do Not Step Outside Your Home

If the police are confident you have committed a felony, they are coming in anyway, because they generally don’t need an arrest warrant. Make it clear to the police by stating: “No you may not come in”, or “I am comfortable talking right here”, or “You need a search warrant to enter my home.” If they return, your attorney can arrange for you to turn yourself in should that be necessary and you will spend no time in jail between the hearings.

9. Outside Your Home Arrested, Do Not Accept Offer to Go In Your Home for Anything

The officer may say to you, how about you go inside and change, freshen up, talk to your wife, husband, get a jacket, or any other reason. The police will graciously escort you in and then tear your home apart searching through it. Also, do not let them secure your car. Your car is fine. Remember they are lying to you. They don’t give a damn if you are really cold or if you need to talk to your wife or husband.

10. Don’t say a word

It’s incredible how many people feel that they can convince the officer, the booking officer or a detective (if your case reaches that stature) that they are not guilty. YOUR CASE IS NOT DECIDED BY THESE PEOPLE. They have no affect on your records. Wait to speak to your lawyer! The courts give enormous weight to “confessions” during this stage. A suspect is almost NEVER released after being arrested.

Follow these ten simply rules religiously and many of your rights will remain intact. I don’t care how nervous, scared or drunk you are, THESE RULES ARE VERY IMPORTANT, and will help you tremendously in the short and long run. And remember – we are not your lawyer!

Keep this in your wallet – OR – Memorize it.


Via: GovermentDirt

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Roxette. It must have been love. Debe haber sido amor

junio 21, 2007


Lay a whisper on my pillow,
leave the winter on the ground.
I wake up lonely,
there’s air of silence in the bedroom all around.
Touch me now, I close my eyes and dream away.

It must have been love but it’s over now.
It must have been good but I lost it somehow.
It must have been love but it’s over now.
From the moment we touched ‘til the time had run out.

Make-believing we’re together
that I’m sheltered by your heart.
But in and outside
I’ve turned to water like a teardrop in your palm.
And it’s a hard winter’s day I dream away.

It must have been love but it’s over now,
it was all that I wanted, now I’m living without.
It must have been love but it’s over now,
it’s where the water flows,
it’s where the wind blows.


Deja un susurro en mi almohada,
deja el invierno sobre la tierra.
Me despierto solitaria,
hay un aire de silencio alrededor de tu alcoba.
Tócame ahora, yo cierro mis ojos y sueño

Debe haber sido amor pero ya no está
Debe haber sido bueno pero de algún modo lo perdi.
Debe haber sido amor pero ya no está
Desde el momento que nos tocamos
hasta el momento que escapó.

Haz que crea que estamos juntos
que estoy abrigada por tu corazón.
Pero dentro y fuera
Me he transformado en agua
como una lágrima en tu palma
Y es un dia duro de invierno y sueño.

Debe haber sido amor pero ya no está
era todo lo que deseaba,
estoy vivendo ahora sin él.
Debe haber sido amor pero ya no está
está donde el agua fluye,
está donde el viento sopla.

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No sigas (solamente) nuestro consejo

mayo 28, 2007

Symantec¡La gente de seguridad siempre les decimos que si deseas tramitar en línea con seguridad, mecanografíes la dirección de la institución financiera en el navegador en vez de seguir un enlace, tú debes incorporar tu información personal solamente a los sitios confiables en que utilizan el cifrado, tú necesitas comprobar que el pequeño padlock en la esquina de tu navegador esté bloqueado, también necesitas verificar que el certificado digital sea válido y coincide con el sitio que deseas visitar, etc… bien, no es suficiente!

Analizábamos recientemente un programa del Trojan Horse (Infostealer.Banker.D) eso, aplicaciones con una cierta creatividad astuta. Usando una técnica de inyección del código HTML, es capaz de engañar incluso a los que practiquen las medidas preventivas estándares contra fraude en línea.

Cuando el usuario de una computadora infectada va a la página de la conexión de ciertos Web site, el Trojano intercepta la pagina HTML, comprueba para saber si hay ciertos bloques específicos de código del HTML a ese Web site, e inyecta un cierto código adicional de HTML que presenta al usuario con campos adicionales en la misma página de la conexión.

En algunos casos, los mensajes de alerta adicionales se insertan, explicando que la información adicional está requerida “para prevenir el  fraude”. ¿Irónico, eh?

Algunos ejemplos de la obra de Trojano:



Mientras que hemos visto comportamientos similares en el pasado, tal como la familia de Trojan.Satiloler, (véase este blog), desemejante del caso de Satiloler donde el Trojano previno el acceso adicional a los Web sites, Infostealer.Banker.D todavía pasa las credenciales válidas al sitio legítimo, mientras que las almacena junto con los detalles adicionales que se envían al atacante.

¿Así pues, cómo defiendes contra este tipo de ataque? Todavía necesitas seguir el consejo dado arriba, pero debes utilizar una arma aún más de gran alcance: tu cabeza.

No debes entregar hacia afuera los detalles confidenciales, incluso a tu banco, especialmente si nunca han pedido ellos antes.

En la duda, no proceder y entrar en contacto con la institución y descubrir si se requieren esos detalles adicionales.

por Amado Hidalgo el 27 de mayo de 2007

Vía: Respuesta Weblog de la seguridad de Symantec

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